Karnataka: Educationists again write to government on rzeopening primary schools

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Karnataka: Educationists again write to government on reopening primary school BENGALURU: A group of 

educationists  and other


 have again written to the government to reopen primary classes.

“The ‘social loss’ of children’s ability to navigate adult life impacts younger


 in classes 1 through 5 even more deeply as initial years are very critical for socialisation. Neglecting classes 1-5 is likely to lead to much higher and devastating dropping out of


 by students over the next decade,” said a memorandum endorsed by around 24 educationists, doctors and student unions, among others.

The memorandum also asks to allow them to provide inputs to the decision-makers, including the Technical Advisory Committee. The government had said that its decisions on school reopening will be based on TAC’s recommendations.

Report : ( Jithesh Jain )


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